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Post by Tails on Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:06 am

Name: shadow the hedgehog

faker (used by sonic)
Hedgehog (used once by eggman)

menace (used by all)




Date of birth:
i was not born i was created

the ark

3' 6"


4' 6"


*Human: 120 lbs

Ability Type:

Abilities and aptitude: i can manipulate the emeralds and get power from them i can use caose control, caose blast, caose spear

Transformations/Alternate forms: human hedgehog

Hobbies and talents: running/skating (as i have shoes like mom's) and i like grinding on things

Weaknesses: i don't have any

Physical Appearance: nothing really

Attire: nothing really just common clothes

Personality details: i kill what i don't like and help my friends

Historical biography: i was created in a lab my aboard the ark and blackdoom tried to control me but mom showed me the truth about my life and joined the team

Personal information: i lived in shadows for a while and had nightmars about my past

Greatest friend(s): shadow sonic tails knuckles cosmo silver blaze and i meet more every day

Other friend(s): there all on here

Rival(s): sonic

Enemy(s): eggman, blackdoom

Likes: fighting, music, training, and feeling free as i fly in the sky

Dislikes: i hate it when enemy's talk i like to just get on with the fight

Favorite food(s):i don't really have a fave food

Favorite color(s):blue, red, black,blood red

Occupation: i work when and where i want

Place of residence: with mom

Chaos Emeralds: hold the silver one in my hand and i keep it close

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