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- Miles Prower (real name)

-Fox Boy

-Humanoid Red Fox


- 18

Date of birth:
- October 16, 1992 (10.16.92)

In the comics, Tails is born on day 297, 3225 (or October 24th, 3225)

- Westside Island

-Human: 5'5"

-KItsune: 2'11

-Human: 95 lbs

-Kitsune: 44 lbs

Ability Type:

Abilities and aptitude:
Like many of the other characters in the Sonic universe, Tails has super speed, and can perform the Sonic Spin, Spin Dash, and the homing attack. He also has several unique attacks, such as attacking with his tails by twirling around. Most notably, he can achieve flight by spinning his two tails around like a helicopter rotor. When in flight, he can go fast enough to keep up with Sonic; making him one of the fastest characters in the series. He can also swim quite well, which is an ability Sonic never had. This, when combined with his flying ability, actually makes him quite an unfairly skilled character in some games.
In Sonic Adventure, he obtained the "Rhythm Badge", which enabled him to attack with his tails by continuously spinning around. In Sonic Heroes, he is the Flight member of Team Sonic, which means that he can also use the Thunder Shoot attack, where he electrically charges Sonic and Knuckles and kicks them at his enemies. When alone, Tails can also throw Dummy Rings, which electrocute enemies who blunder into them.

In Sonic '06, Tails can once again fly through Dash Rings and use Dummy Ring attacks. The first attack is "Dummy Ring Bomb", which throws multiple Dummy Rings that explode on impact, "Dummy Ring Snipe", which allows him to aim and throw a Dummy Ring, and "Dummy Ring Blitz", which throws a huge amount of Dummy Rings to explode on impact.

Like Sonic, Tails can transform into a super form by using the Chaos Emeralds, though he required the Super Emeralds to do so in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. He also has other transformations in media beside the games.

Tails seems know more about the Chaos Emeralds than most characters, being able to create a duplicate that can cause Chaos Control.

Transformations/Alternate forms:
Super Tails
(Transforms when all the emeralds are gathered. He is the youngest to have a super form.)

Hobbies and talents:
Although Tails can fly by twirling his two tails like the blades of a helicopter, he also enjoys flying Sonic's red biplane, the Tornado. As the series progressed, it was obvious his interest in the old biplane went further than just piloting it - Tails is a prodigy with mechanics, and he has a mechanical ability equal to that of Doctor Eggman's (though Tails has never built sentient robots). As a result, many modifications were made to the Tornado, as well as new biplanes and a small, blue submarine called the "Sea Fox", a spaceship called the "Lunar Fox", and a race car called the "Whirlwind S7," which is clearly based upon the Lotus/Catherham Super Seven (hence the name). In Tails Adventure he built small remote-controlled robots shaped like himself to help him on his quest.

In Sonic Adventure, Tails was experimenting with a Chaos Emerald-powered prototype plane based on Sonic's Tornado, the Tornado II. The Tornado II has two modes. One is quite similar to the original Tornado, but with a button press, Tails could make it transform into a rather futuristic-looking little plane which outperformed the Tornado in all but one important function - landing gear. Big the Cat ended up flying the wrecked Tornado II to his home after Sonic and Tails crash-landed on Eggman's flying fortress, the Egg Carrier

Tails brings along portable machines during the events of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. His role is that of a support class, focusing on aiding allies and weakening enemies. The following is a list of POW moves Tails has:

■Scan (スキャン): Tails scans an enemy for weak spots, making it vulnerable.

■Tinker (ティンカー): Tails sabotages robot enemies, leaving them weakened and distracted.

■Medi Bot (Medical Robot メディカルロボット): Tails deploys a droid to heal himself or an ally.

■Shield Bot (Shield Robot シールドロボット): Tails deploys a droid with a forcefield to fortify himself or an ally.

■Flash Bang (Flash Bomb フラッシュボム): Tails flies up and drops a flash grenade on a non-robot target, leaving them sluggish and distracted.

■Adrenaline Rush (Hyper Rush ハイパーラッシュ): Tails deploys a portable temporal field, making himself or an ally hyper and getting an extra action.

Tails has a tendency to talk too much as shown in Sonic Adventure 2 when he reveals to Dr. Eggman that the Chaos Emerald Sonic was trying to give him was a fake. He is also said to be afraid of lightning (movie first) and very ticklish, mostly in his feet. Tails occasionally lacks self-confidence but has been shown to get over this weakness on some occasions.

It is also proven in Sonic Heroes, Sonic Advance 3, and Shadow the Hedgehog that he gets dizzy easily.

Physical Appearance:
Miles Tails Prower 4877825
(Human appearance)

-White gloves and socks with small black belts securing them

-Red and white sneakers

Personality details:
Tails is portrayed as a very kind, young fox who is humble about his abilities, and always willing to help out when he can. Tails can just about do anything if he just thinks about it and sums up all the answers correctly. He was very shy when he first met Sonic the Hedgehog, but gradually opened up and became Sonic's best friend. In Tails' Adventure, he saved an entire island from the brink of destruction caused by the Battle Kukku Army. He also battled various villains in Tails' Sky Patrol, such as the main villain, Wendy Witchcart. In Sonic Adventure, Tails saved Station Square from Doctor Eggman. Tails soon realized that he was able to be independent and support himself without Sonic's help. Even though he enjoys being Sonics sidekick he believes that he can do almost anything without Sonic's support.

He now has many different creations, and his intelligence matches Doctor Robotnik's. He does have a few weaknesses, though. He is very afraid of lightning, and has a tendency to talk too much, which frequently causes him to accidentally blab out secrets or plans (for example, in Sonic Adventure 2, without thinking at first, he told Eggman that the Chaos Emerald that Sonic had was a fake, thus ruining the heroes' plans). He also has a tendency to talk technobabble, much to the irritation of his friends (E.g. in Sonic Riders, where Knuckles asks him how Extreme Gear works but ending up telling him to shut up due to the fact Tails was explaining some principle about the board, using those terms).

In the Archie Comics, the other Freedom Fighters take care of the fox, him being too young to do much. However, over time he grows up to become a valuable team member.

Historical biography:

Miles Prower was born 17 years ago, rescued from the cold by the local orphanage. Abandoned as a child, nothing was left by his original parents other than the blanket they wrapped him in. The first thing the orphanage noticed about the young fox cub was his twin tails, a birth defect unheard of in medical history.

Unwilling to dock him of his extra tail, the orphanage took him in, gave him his name while the children nicknamed him Tails. While there was many times he was picked on by the other children, Tails often secluded him from the group but not because of the bullying. The carers couldn't help but notice how intelligent the child was, already reaching advanced knowledge of mechanics and understanding of engineering. His nose was always buried deep in books while he continued to ask for more from the local library.

As Tails grew older, his loneliness grew with him. His defect secluded him from the other children and none would ever play with him. Nobody would show him love while the children often pulled at his tails, teasing him and tying him up by his tails. The carers noticed how flexible his tails were, especially how he appeared to rotate them like a helicopter in his sleep; this was something that soon developed into self-powered flight.

Despite his obvious talents, growing strength and intelligence, there was never a moment where Tails didn't feel alone. Despite his crying, nobody would comfort him the moment they took a look at his twin tails.

Personal information:

Greatest friend(s):
Silver the Hedgehog (Also a Rival, and lover)

Grey the Hedgehog (Silver's younger brother, and also a love interest)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Best Friend, Close as Brothers)

Knuckles the Echidna (Good Friend)

Amy Rose (Good Friend)

Wave the Swallow (friend and rival)

Blaze the Cat (Good Friend)

Cream the Rabbit Good Friend)

Vanilla the Rabbit

Cheese the Chao

Shadow the Hedgehog (to a degree)

Rouge the Bat (Also a rival)

Big the Cat

Marine the Raccoon

Vector the Crocodile

Espio the Chameleon

Charmy Bee

Mighty the Armadillo

Chip (Sonic Unleashed)

Emerl (Sonic Battle)

Shade (Sonic Chronicles)

Tikal (In Flashback - Sonic Adventure)


Dr. Eggman (also an enemy)

Wave the Swallow (Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity)

Metal Sonic (also an enemy)

Rouge the Bat (also friend/ally)

Tails Doll (friend and rival)

Silver the Hedgehog (Sonic Rivals 2)

Espio the Chameleon (Sonic Rivals 2)

Yoshi (Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games)

Luigi (sub-rival for both being sidekicks)

Dr. Eggman

Metal Sonic

Bowser (Mario and Sonic)

Black Arms

Imperator Ix

Black Doom

Battle Kukku Army

Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic Pinball Party, after being brainwashed)




-mechanial things



-hanging around with Sonic

-creating new machines

- flying



-Being ignored

-Seeing his friends and family getting hurt

-Anyone who mocks him of his technical prowess.

Favorite food(s):
-Mint Candy

Favorite color(s):




- Mechanic

- Pilot

Place of residence:
-Mystic Ruins

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