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(Silver is going to RP as Johan. He is a crossover character from YuGiOh GX.)

Johan Anderson






Date of birth:
(July 12th, 1989)


(6 feet 2 inches)

190 lbs

Ability Type:

Abilities and aptitude:

Transformations/Alternate forms:
Rainbow Dragon Johan
Johan Anderson C3a5942

Ruby Carbuncle Johan
Johan Anderson 4f76997

Lucario Johan
Johan Anderson 157e385

Hobbies and talents:


Physical Appearance:
Johan Anderson 4pj7fao


Personality details:

Historical biography:

Invited along with his fellow overseas champions from around the world by Chancellor Sheppard, Jesse's the most secretive of his identity, even with those he’s supposed to be traveling with. Although he doesn’t board the ship that’s supposed to take the champions to their final destination, Adrian Gecko expects that Jesse would appear once they reached Duel Academy. He’s known simply as a "ghost" or the "mystery man" until officially introduced during the school's year-opening ceremony.

Jesse alongside his Spirit Partner, Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle.Himura YakumoAdded by Himura Yakumo He is chosen by Professor Viper to duel Jaden in the first exhibition match of the third year, and the two are unknowingly fitted with Bio-Bands. Just as Jesse is about to be defeated by Jaden, he suddenly reveals the name of the most powerful Crystal Beast: "Rainbow Dragon". However, he later confesses that "Rainbow Dragon" has not yet been made into a card by Industrial Illusions, and that he wishes to find the Roman lithograph from which the concept of his Crystal Beasts was derived in order for Pegasus to finally create it.

In episode 115 it is introduced that Jesse has been looking for a duelist called Trapper his name is given to him because his Deck is composed of cards he steals after winning duels, and in the same episode Jesse duels Trapper and defeats him.

After being drawn into an alternate dimension, Jesse and the rest of Duel Academy are contacted by Dr. Eisenstein, who tells them that the lithograph has finally been found. Securing the lithograph's excavation site, Pegasus has the "Rainbow Dragon" card made and sent to the other world via a Duel Energy-powered wormhole, opened in a battle between Jesse and Zane Truesdale. Jesse later uses the "Rainbow Dragon" when Jaden fought Marcel, only to learn their real opponent is Yubel, the duel spirit that took control of Marcel. Jesse uses "Rainbow Dragon" to get Jaden and the others out while he remains in the alternate dimension to face Yubel, prompting Jaden and his friends to dive back into a rift left open between the worlds to get him back.

Jesse while possessed by Yubel.JohankingAdded by Johanking

Although labeled dead by many, he later appears as merely a shadow standing on a cliff near Syrus and Ojama Yellow, but it's later confirmed that the shadow was Jesse in Ojama Yellow's flashback where it spots him. He later reappears in front of Zane and it is revealed that he is possessed by Yubel. After defeating Zane using Advanced Crystal Beasts (dark versions of his regular Crystal Beasts), Yubel challenges Adrian Gecko, in order to retrieve its lost energy. Jesse is able to easily destroy Exodia in the first turn, and Summon the Sacred Beasts one after the other in quick succession, before fusing them to form "Armityle the Chaos Phantom". When his Sacred Beast strategy fails after they are all removed from play, he switches his strategy to survival, keeping Adrian's "Fog King" away from his life points, before being able to destroy it. After Adrian suddenly adds most of Exodia to his hand, with the last piece on top of his Deck, Jesse pulls out all the stops and Summons "Yubel", his ace card, beating Adrian there and then.

Jesse/Yubel alongside the corrupted "Advanced Crystal Beasts".Kaio2Added by Kaio2 When Jadenduels Yubel to save Jesse, it is revealed that Yubel actually removed Jesse's soul from his body and placed him inside the "Rainbow Dark Dragon" before taking over. However, when Jaden activates the "Super Polymerization" Spell Card, Rainbow Dark Dragon is turned back to normal and Jesse is set free, returning to his body. But using its last two cards, Yubel takes "Super Polymerization" using "Last Trick" and ends the duel in a draw with "Thousand Buster".

Jesse's soul trapped in the "Rainbow Dark Dragon" card.Kaio2Added by Kaio2 At the beginning of Season 4, Jesse returns to North Academy but he comes back when Jaden is about to leave Domino City. Though, Jaden's "Polymerization" card was tainted in darkness by Sartorius putting his "Arcana Force 0 - The Fool" in Jaden's Deck, and he thought Jesse was Trueman. The darkness only lifted once "Polymerization" flew out of Jaden's graveyard and Jaden saw that Jesse was really the one he was dueling. Then, they return to Duel Academy to fight the Trueman army in time to witness the defeat of Atticus Rhodes at the hands of Nightshroud. The two of them then duel Nightshroud, and although Jesse is beaten during the duel, Jaden continues, and is able to use "Rainbow Neos" during it because Jesse was around. Jesse keeps guarding Yusuke Fujiwara while Jaden searches for the source of the darkness that still covers the world and when he comes back to the duel place, it's strongly implied that Jesse was killed by Nightshroud. However, he is revived with the antagonist's demise.

Personal information:

Greatest friend(s):
Daisuke Niwa

Juudai Yuki

Jim Crocodile Cook

Sonic the Hedgehog

Other friend(s):





Favorite food(s):

Favorite color(s):


Place of residence:

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