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Post by Tails on Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:21 am

Hypnos is a crossover character
From the videogame Resident Evil Survivor
He is the final boss from that game

Name: hypnos

Nicknames: Daybreaker

Race: Tyrant

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Date of birth: sometime in 1998

Birthplace: tyrant plant, sheena island

Height: 6'4"


Ability Type: Power

Abilities and aptitude: Mutation, high resistance to sickness.

Transformations/Alternate forms: 1st stage(Normal form) 2nd stage, 3rd stage(Monster form), 4th stage(G-virus Mutation)

Hobbies and talents: none apparent

Weaknesses: Exposed heart,

Strengths: extreme durability, regenerative abilities.

Physical Appearance: Grey skin, gender neutral body type, bald with claws on his right hand.

Attire: never shown clothed

Personality details: intelligent, predatory, vicious. Has developed a sort of persecution complex, due to constant violence from people who fear him due to his appearance. Always on the guard and ready to kill at a moments notice.

Historical biography: The Hypnos T-type (Tyrant-type) was an experimental model of Tyrant seen at Sheena Island's "Tyrant Plant". The main variation between this Tyrant and other models was the inclusion in its genetic make-up of the Hypnos gene, a modified genetic strand that, when implanted into an organism, would kill the weaker cells through natural selection, leaving only the best to keep the organism ongoing and encouraging the reproduction of the better cells.

Stage 1
In its original form, Hypnos resembles a genderless and hairless youth. Once awakened, it proceeded to kill the commander of the Umbrella Cleaner Unit while he was talking to Detective Ark Thompson, before turning its attention to him. After a brief conflict in a small corridor, the creature was knocked unconscious.

Its only attack was using its sharp clawed arm to stab its prey.

Stage 2
Unbeknownst to Ark, the creature was alive continuing to mutate. These mutations granted it a greater muscle mass, much larger claws on it's left hand, and an enlarged jaw.

In this state, the Tyrant could run at high speeds and viciously slash its opponents. It could also perform a downward strike. Its most dangerous attack was a powerful jumping strike performed at a distance. Lastly, it could strike with a swift lunging strike.

Nearly defeated in a second encounter with Ark on a Helipad, the creature began to mutate again.

Stage 3
The beast lost much of its intelligence in the process, suffering through a form of hypertonia, and losing its humanoid shape, becoming a bestial, primate-like, hunched monster. Because of the excessive muscle growth, the beast was rendered vulnerable, with the exposed heart common to its brethren. These new weaknesses didn't make it any less agile, however. It compensates for the exposed heart by shielding it with its claws.

Hypnos fought a long, gruelling battle with Thompson, but in the end it was destroyed when it leapt upon Thompson's escape helicopter, at which point a missile was launched into its abdomen. Seconds later, another missile was launched against it, detonating both and killing it once and for all. Or so Thompson thought, enough of his core survived and washed ashore onto emerald beach. The creature began to slowly regenerate itself, years pass and he finally was restored to his old form.

One of its attacks lifts an opponent, impales them on its claw and throws the corpse around as though it was a rag doll. The other attacks include a shoulder tackle reminiscent of the ones performed by T-103s encountered all over Sheena island, and a jump strike.

Personal information: fierce, erratic

Greatest friend(s): t-103, nyx, william burkin, alexia ashford.

Other friend(s): T-00, t-0400

Rival(s): thantos, nemesis, albert wesker.

Enemy(s): ark thompson, sweeper's

Likes: fighting

Dislikes: bright lights

Favorite food(s): spicy food

Favorite color(s): maroon

Occupation: Weapon/ experiment

Place of residence: ruins of sheena island

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