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Post by Tails on Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:23 am

Name: Abigale And Bianca

Nicknames: Abby & Bay

Race: Jack of all Trades!

Gender: Girls

Age: Newborns

Date of birth: 1/19/11

Birthplace: A.J's Cabin


Weight: N/A

Ability Type: N/A

Abilities and aptitude: wait till older

Transformations/Alternate forms: Neko,Tryant,Human

Hobbies and talents: N/A

Weaknesses: Unknown

Physical Appearance: Pictures

Attire: Picture

Personality details: Abby is the spunky girl that loves getting in trouble. Bianca is the laid-back taking in the flow

Historical biography: .Ask their dearest mother

Personal information: Mother ask her.

Greatest friend(s): N/A

Other friend(s): N/A

Rival(s): N/A

Enemy(s): N/A

Likes: Abby:Sweets,swords,red. Bianca:Spicy,guns,Purple

Dislikes: People

Favorite food(s): Spicy & Sweets

Favorite color(s): Red Purple

Occupation: Kids?

Place of residence:With family.

Abby Left. Bianca Right
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