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Post by Tails on Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:25 am

Name: Thantos

Nicknames: Crescent Moon

Race: Tyrant

Gender: Male

Age: ???

Date of birth: ????

Birthplace: Racoon City

Height: 8' 2"

Weight: 594lbs

Ability Type: Power

Abilities and aptitude: Higher intelligence, Insane durability

Transformations/Alternate forms: 1st form, 2nd Form, Nyx assimilation.

Hobbies and talents: Seek and destruction

Weaknesses: Neck

Physical Appearance: Check picture

Attire: Green trench coat( 1st form)

Personality details: cold, plotting

Historical biography:

Tyrant T-0400TP was an experimental version of a T-103 Tyrant, stored in Raccoon City.

T-0400TP was equipped with various cybernetic components; It could be programmed for various objectives, and was outfitted with a small but powerful explosive in its neck. Its strength was far greater than that of other Tyrants, and so even a rocket launcher would only knock it unconscious rather than blow it to pieces.

Prior to the Raccoon City Outbreak, Hunters were being created in large numbers (via the Nursery, or by transportation) to combat the T-0400TP in a number of strength tests. However, the Tyrant still hadn't been activated by the time of the Outbreak, and the Hunters escaped.

The Tyrant was activated at the early hours of October 1st by Umbrella Chemical, Inc. scientist Dr.Carter to combat the renegade MA-125 Hunter Rs lost in the facility. Just prior to the escape of the survivors in the lab, the Tyrant became self aware, killing Carter, destroying the Tyrant virus vaccine and knocking both Linda and the detonator for it's internal bomb off a catwalk.

After chasing David King and Linda through the ruined city, and mutating into a more powerful stage, the Tyrant arrived at the highway overpass, and was ready to attack David. Suddenly, Nyx grabbed hold of and absorbed it into its body. Nyx was destroyed by David and it was set free again. \

Personal information:

Greatest friend(s): Nyx, Nemesis

Other friend(s): Ivan

Rival(s): Hypnos

Enemy(s): Hypnos


Dislikes: Hunters

Favorite food(s):

Favorite color(s):

Occupation: Weapon

Place of residence: Embers of racoon city

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