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Name: Nox

Nicknames: Noxious (Generally to criticize some of his "attacks"), Nox the Fox (technically his name, but people rhyming it irritates him)

Race: Fox

Gender: Male

Age: 8 and a half

Date of birth: 9/2

Birthplace: Station Square


Fox: 2'8
Human: 4'8
Blob: Variable

Weight: A lot.

Ability Type: Power, he weighs too much to fly.

Abilities and aptitude: Nox is not as strong as he thinks he is, but he has a wide range of abilities, some stranger then others. They generally fall into four categories. Physical, Gas, Magic, and Blob.

Polearms: Nox is an expert with spears, and they are his weapon of choice. He has decent physical strength, but it's lower then that of a normal Power Type. He makes up for it with the range of his polearm, and the ability to hit multiple targets at once.

Bows: Nox also carries a crossbow for ranged attacks. He's decent with a longbow as well, but prefers the quicker rate of fire of his crossbow. He has a few special arrowheads, such as to induce rust in robots or weaken barriers.

Staves: Mostly he uses them to focus his magic, but Nox can also decently smack someone with a staff. It's by far his weakest attack though.

Taunt: Nox teases the opponent. If they hit him on their next post then they deal double LF damage. If they don't then he gets to roll a heal die.


Gas: The gas category is simple enough. Nox is a rude and disgusting kid, and has no problem using his gigantic burps and farts as attacks. They're prodigously bad and he brags that they're the worst on Earth or Mobius. So far nobody has proven him wrong.

Toxic Haze: Nox fills the area with a dense fart. If anyone else makes a hurt dice attack in the cloud, they roll twice. If they get under 5 on the first roll, the attack misses.

"Stinks don't it?": Nox gasses a single target, weakening them. His next Hurt Dice attack against them will hit for double damage.

Atomic Buttbomb: Nox's deadliest attack. He must spend 2 posts eating special chili peppers he keeps in his pocket. And 2 more posts charging. The eating can be interrupted, but he can't get hit during the charge. After that his allies will get one post to vacate the area. This period is outside the normal turn order if the topic has such, and ends when Nox posts. (As he's a jerk; generally I won't have any mercy and will post asap, so do your best to run fast ^_^) He'll then unless a massive gaseous blast which will deal 10 hurt dice to all enemies and any ally that couldn't escape in time. Fortunately, due to it's devistating power, he can only use it once per topic and once every 2 real weeks on the site.


Staff Blast: Nox's real use for staves. He channels energy into them, enabling him to fire blasts of elemental magic from the end. He can either use an elemental attack, with less power, or a full force non-elemental. The latter is stronger, but the former can hit enemy weaknesses.

Shadow Mist: This move works the same way as Toxic haze, though it's summoned from the air with his staff, however the cloud only affects his enemies. This would make it seem more beneficial to use, but it has a weakness. If the opponent rolls over 6 on their second roll, the attack hits regardless of the first.

Crystal Shower: Nox raises his staff and fires a burst of pink energy into the air. It swirls around to form a pink crystal, which then explodes, raining shards around the area.


Transform: The strangest of Nox's abilities, allows him to turn into a large yellow blob monster. It can change it's size, but it's defense is the same, and so growing too large makes it a bigger target.

Absorb: Blob Nox can once per post make a Hurt Dice attack on an enemy stuck inside his mass. He will gain LP equal to that the enemy loses. If the opponent reaches 0 LP inside him they will be absorbed and Nox will evolve based on their abilities, making it important for allies to get their teammates out of him fast!

Gooey: Due to his blobby mass, in this form Nox takes half hurt damage from physical attacks, and if they get a 1 they're immediately sucked inside him.

Transformations/Alternate forms: Two Tailed Fox, Human, Blob, Chaos God

Chaos God: This is Nox's form with all 7 Chaos Emeralds. It's basically a larger stronger version of his blob form, but with energy attacks. Honestly it's not nearly as useful as the name would suggest, but that's Nox's ego for you.

Hobbies and talents: Nox's main hobby is eating, both at home and in contests. He's Station Square's champion five years running. The fact that he's been demolishing the former champions since he was 3 is something he constantly rubs in. He also enjoys practicing with his various weapon and magical abilities a lot. As a self-proclaimed hero he needs to be on the top of his game at all times. This surprises some people, as despite his massive build he isn't in the slight bit lazy. It's been commented that, with his appetite, if he sat around all the time he'd weight about 3,000 pounds. He practices his weapons more then his magic, but conversely his skills are the other way around, mostly as he doesn't hit very hard and has far more natural talent as a mage.

Weaknesses: First and foremost, he's a rather large target and not very fast. He's quite a bit more agile then you'd expect given his size, but that's still slow by most the standards. His physical attacks also aren't very strong, and if he misses leave him open. His other physical weakness is that, in blob form, ice magic can freeze his mass and slow him greatly. His greatest weakness though is his personality. With his horrible attitude he rarely gets on people's goodside, and he'll frequently attack people as "villains" over misunderstandings.

Physical Appearance:

Nox   32zi2qb

Nox   27-35

Attire: In human form he wears light brown shorts with a black belt, and often a light blue hoodie. He doesn't have the helmet or axe shown in my avatar; in fact he's horrible with short range weapons, prefering spears and bows.

Personality details: To call Nox a brat doesn't even begin to do him justice. He's a smug and sarcastic little jerk, who often irritates or insults people just for the fun of it. He's a huge glutton and will eat almost anything, even enemies when in blob form! He's terribly rude and is known for gross behavior and attacks, as well as interrupting and making snide comments. Despite his horrible attitude he considers himself a hero, and is eager to fight anyone he considers evil, whether they actually are or not.

Historical biography: Nox is a young two-tailed fox born in Station Square. He's not believed to be related to Tails, despite their similar trait, and absolutely hates to be mistaken for him. According to the stories, his great grand father defeated an evil creature who attempted to steal the Chaos Emeralds, and he has wanted to be a great hero ever since. For this reason he trains constantly, but due to his tendancy to jump to conclusions he ends up often causing more harm then good.

He entered the Station Square Glutton Race Championship for the first time when he was 3, and set a new record, and has defended his title every year since, breaking his record every time except one. On said occasion, when he was six, he actually passed out due to a virus, but had such a lead that the competition couldn't catch up even with him unconscious! This pretty much cemented his position, and competition has dropped since, though there are still plenty who want to take him down.

Nox has yet to really get on the radar for most actual criminals in Station Square. In fact he's fought the Chaotix more often, due to mixups with crimes their investigating. His relationship with them is rocky, and they alternate between friends and enemies. The exception is Charmy, with who he never gets along. They're simultamiously so similar and so opposite that they immediately clash. This frequently leads to Charmy trying to sting Nox, or Nox trying to sit on Charmy. Due to this, he's the only one that Nox considers close to a rival.

Personal information:

Greatest friend(s): None

Other friend(s): The Chaotix

Rival(s): Manic Miyako the Bat and Shane the Cat for the Glutton Race. Well, they consider him their rival; he doesn't even remember their names. Charmy is the closest thing to a rival he has.

Enemy(s): The Chaotix

Likes: Food, Bragging, Showing Off, Fighting villains, Pretty Girls (Or boys, but male characters will have to beat him in a fight to have any chance, he doesn't date wimps.), Games, Training

Dislikes: Being patronized or looked down on, Rude People (other then himself), Villains, Being interrupted or pestered, Charmy is an interesting case.

Favorite food(s): Steak, Chicken, Burgers, a lot.

Favorite color(s): Yellow, Light blue

Occupation: None

Place of residence: Station Square

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