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Chao Kindergarten Empty Chao Kindergarten

Post by Tails on Fri Nov 19, 2010 5:42 am

Black Market
The Black Market is a place where items for Chao are bought. Items include fruit, masks, and eggs. The Black Market is run by a Chao.

Chao Fortune Teller
The Chao Fortune Teller is a psychic Chao who gives your Chao a name and where you can pick your own Chao name.

Chao Classroom
The Chao Classroom is basically a place where Chao are taught various things. These include singing, drawing, and playing musical instruments.

Principal's Office
The Principal's Office is where you can ask questions regarding the Chao Kindergarten and Chao raising in general.

Doctor's Office
The Doctor's Office is where a Chao can be checked up for any illnesses. You can also check their favorite food, number of awards they recieved, times they have transformed, and stats.

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