Nitrous "SkyTails" Flare

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Nitrous "SkyTails" Flare Empty Nitrous "SkyTails" Flare

Post by SkyTails on Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:42 am

Name:Nitrous "SkyTails" Flare


Race:Kitsune-Boy [Half human half two-tailed fox (with fox ears)]



Date of birth:7th December



Weight:16 KG

Ability Type:High jumps, Spawning his four-blade (giant shuriken that works like a sword)

Abilities and aptitude:He can jump high (from ground to the top of a tower) and spinning his blade like a helicopter rotor

Transformations/Alternate forms:Classified

Hobbies and talents:Pakouring, Inventing stuff, hack any computers

Weaknesses:Darkness, remembering his past

Physical Appearance:look at the avatar

Attire:Jacket and a pair of jeans

Personality details:

Historical biography: He was born as a kitsune/human because of an unknown infection. His parents doesn't like him nor his family, although he loves his family so much. His family died in a house invasion by the age of three and he is sent to the orphanage.Children at the orphanage teased him for his physical appearance. By the age of five, the orphanage was destroyed by an unknown explosion, causing the building to collapse. He started to live by his own until now

Personal information:

Greatest friend(s):

Other friend(s):



Likes: Being happy

Dislikes:being teased because of his appearance

Favorite food(s):

Favorite color(s):Sky blue, white


Place of residence:Homeless

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