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-Daisuke is a crossover character from the anime series D.N.Angel-

Daisuke Dark Hybyusa Niwa

Dai, Dai-kun, Dai-sama, Niwa-kun

Angelic human



Date of birth:

Azumano, Japan

(5 feet 7 inches)

115 bls

Ability Type:
Flight....I think. I do have a pair of wings.

Transformations/Alternate forms:
Arceus Daisuke:
He has silver hair, green eyes, and wears a white version of his Phantom thief uniform
Like this:
Daisuke Niwa 0f76126

Pikachu Daisuke:
Daisuke Niwa 4cf9730

Prince Daisuke:
Daisuke Niwa 8239667

Star Guardian Daisuke:
Daisuke Niwa 803c415

Hobbies and talents:
Even though he does not look or act it, Daisuke is very perceptive and athletic - capable of jumping from heights that a normal boy could never be capable of. He already have this ability when he was young, it was shown when he jump over the gate to get Riku's teddy bear.

To hone his skills, his family sets up daily life-threatening trials once he returns home from school. A specialty of this is his gift for lockpicking (or hacking, in the case of electronically activated locks) any kind of lock in succession. His ability of lockpicking was very good that it suprised even Dark.

Daisuke, as a Niwa, has been trained in thievery all his life. He can dodge traps, pick locks, sneak past security, and break into almost any location. However, he prefers to create art, not steal it, which makes him more like a Hikari. Also, his paintings seems to have magical power when his painting become a catalyst on the awakening of the Second Hand of Time.


-Sometimes cares too much about the people he loves

Physical Appearance:
Daisuke Niwa 0

Daisuke Niwa 1229900442997_f

A simple school uniform

Personality details:
Daisuke can transform into Dark (usually unwillingly) whenever he experiences feelings of love or intimacy. Daisuke is kind-hearted, the opposite of Dark and always trying to stop Dark from performing crazy stunts to no avail. Later in the series, Daisuke gradually falls in love with his crush's older twin sister, Riku Harada. Riku in turn also has feelings for Daisuke.

He regularly argues with his alter-ego, he expresses concern for him when he is in danger. He misses Dark when they are separated wiithin the series through magic. In the anime adaptation, he cries when Dark seals himself with Krad, leaving Daisuke.

Historical biography:
Daisuke Niwa is a fourteen year old boy who acts as the series main protagonist. He gets rejected by Risa Harada whom he has a huge crush on. This causes him to discover an entity called Dark which lives within him. When ever he experiences feelings of love or intimacy he transforms into Dark. Initially Risa Harada is the girl who Dark comes out for all the time, but after Risa rejects him, he finds that he is falling in love with Risa’s twin sister Riku Harada. Riku does return the feelings Daisuke has with her. This is because she realized how kind hearted and gentle Daisuke is. Daisuke is perceptive, artistic and athletic. These traits enable him to be great at dodging traps, picking locks and partake in many other thievery type of activities. He constantly argues with his alter ego Dark. When Daisuke and Dark are separated through magic, he misses him greatly.

Personal information:

Greatest friend(s):
Tails Doll (lover)

Skye Doll Niwa (Oldest Son)

Chibi Tails Doll (2nd Son)

Kiri Doll (Daughter; 3rd oldest)

Rona Doll Niwa (3rd Son; Youngest)

Other friend(s):
Miles "Tails" Prower

Silver the Hedgehog


Sonic the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Blaze the Cat

Grey the Hedgehog

Knuckles the Echidna

Metal Sonic

Metal Knuckles


Dr. Eggman



Favorite food(s):

Favorite color(s):


Phantom Thief

Place of residence:
Radical City

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